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Tenancy Score- What it means?

A Tenancy Score is a Tenant’s Tenancy score. Tenancy Score is generated in three numeric digits which is a reflection of the person's tenancy profile.
This is based on past tenancy behavior, such as their behaviour as tenant and payment habits.
This is a way in which a tenant can maintain a good tenancy profile to get amazing deals on rent and for owners, they can easily decide by this number which profile he should go for.

How it works?

The Score is based on personal details verification, past tenancy background, past owner recommendations, current employment verification details , the rent by income ratio and past rental payment history. We rang it from numeric digit 100 to 800 , the closer a tenancy Score is to 800, the better the tenancy profile would be, and the lower will be riskier.

Steps to check

  • Click on Check your Score
  • Provide your full name, as per your KYC details & mobile Number (must verify).
  • Enter your aadhaar card number with it’s both side photos.
  • Verify you income details by filling details.
  • Must verify your working email id or upload a company/ firm id.
  • Past owner details (if any).
  • Must upload a pay slip or your current one month bank statement.
  • Verify a social media id.
  • Once all the fields are duly filled, click on “Submit” and you will get your tenancy score.


  • Owners check Tenancy score before giving their homes for rent.
  • Better Deals with a higher tenancy score.
  • No more question from owner’s regarding profile.
  • Exclusive deals with higher tenancy score.
  • Higher chance for deal confirmation.
  • Rental cashback benefits & many more additional services.
  • Negotiation power.
  • To maintain better tenancy background.

Check your
Tenancy Score

Personal details

Check your
Tenancy Score

Employment details

Check your
Tenancy Score

Additional details

Your rough Tenancy score is / 800

Your Tenancy Score is a reflection of your tenancy report. If you think your score is lower than expected, then check your report for common errors such as a spelling mistake in your name, incorrect information about your x, etc.

Don't worry if you find your tenancy score too low. Your detailed and updated tenancy score will be sent over to you via email. You can check, analyze and improve your score after recieving detailed report.