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Minimum Stay
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nature_people Playing Area
phone_in_talk Intercom
directions_car_filled Parking
elevator Elevator
cleaning_services House Keeping
bolt Power Backup
fence Gated Security
fitness_center Gym
shopping_cart Shopping center
balcony Balcony
park Park
network_wifi Internet facility
local_police Guard
fireplace Fire safety
local_library Library
pool Swimming pool
local_atm ATM

Furnishing & Utilities*  (click on it to select & enter quantity where applicable)

Bedroom (Avoid any if not installed)

king_bed  Bed and mattresses
event_seat  Study table & chair
light  Lights
air  Fans
ac_unit  AC
weekend  Couch
tv  Television


blur_circular  Mirror
bathroom  Modular washroom
hot_tub  Geyser
bathtub  Bathtub
hvac  Exahust fan

Common Utilities

local_drink  RO
microwave  Microwave
restaurant_menu  Utensils
kitchen  Refrigerator
outdoor_grill  Gas cylinder & burner
food_bank  Modular kitchen
weekend  Sofa set
tv  Television
dinner_dining  Dining table
local_laundry_service  Washing machine

House rules

hail  Guests night stay allowed
smoking_rooms  Smoking allowed
liquor  Party allowed
kitchen  Cooking allowed


water  Geyser
microwave  Microwave
hvac  Exhaust fan
kitchen  Refrigerator
local_drink  RO
outdoor_grill  Burner
restaurant_menu  Utensils
roofing  Kitchen Chimney
battery_std  Gas Cylinder
bubble_chart  Modular Kitchen

House rules

weekend  Sofa
air  Fans
tungsten  Lights
set_meal  Dining Table
ac_unit  AC
tv  Television
engineering  Study/Servant Room

Property Location*